1. 25/7/12

    The phone is ringing, the people rush in the door. They all come in and hem and haw at me, slam their money down at the counter. They have come to the trough. A perfumed lady salivates on the glass, her child runs screaming through the dining room with sticky privileged fingers. A large man walks through the door, he seems to be made of stone. I am whizzing and whirring, inside my statues are alive and moving. don’t misunderstand me, I am not disgusted by their wealth. I am disgusted by their spirit, I can see it burning through their skin.

  2. On my way to go sign the lease for my very first apartment. I don’t feel much of anything at all, just a general sureness that this is what i’m supposed to do. Security, first month, “as is”. I have a stack of money with Peekskill’s name on it, again.

  3. music for/with friends. 19/7/14

  4. Fun.


  5. "Nothing can wear you out like caring about people."
    S.E. Hinton, That Was Then, This Is Now (via thenocturnals)
  6. Last candle in the lecherous lair.

    Last candle in the lecherous lair.

  7. asylum-art:

     Surrealistic illustations  by Daehyun Kim

    Daehyun Kim aka Moonassi
    His surreal figures and minimalist lines portray a unique interpretation of relationships and interactions between two subjects and the universe at large.

  8. Bird wires?

    Bird wires?

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